Any ideas on job outlook for an anethesiologist assistant?

Question:I'm graduating soon for my undergraduate degree and I'm thinking about becoming an anethesiologist assistant. Does anyone know anything about this profession or is anyone currently in this profession?

According to the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants: "Anesthesiologist Assistants are highly educated allied health professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists to develop and implement anesthesia care plans. Anesthesiologist Assistants work exclusively within the Anesthesia Care Team environment in the delivery and maintenance of quality anesthesia care as well as advanced patient monitoring techniques."

Outlook: Faster-than-average-job growth

Median Income: $110,000 per year in 2006

Work Context & Conditions: According to the American Medical Association's Health Professions Career and Education Directory (2006-2007); Anesthesiologist assistants work as members of the anesthesia care team in any locale where they may be appropriately directed by legally responsible anesthesiologists.

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