Any Professor looking for a research assistant?

Question:Just thought there might be someone looking at this.

I am a poli sci graduate graduated from a state university in midwest. I have been to study abroad in several places like Taiwan and Korea. I'm currently interested in the business field. I have research experience in NGO development, and policy making in Asia.

Is there any Professor or research institution might be interested? I can help to do research in business policy or anything else.

Please drop me a message if you are interested.

First off, this isn't a job posting site!

Secondly, professors' research assistants are almost always grad students. Less commonly, undergrads can be too in some capacity.

If you really want to be an academic research assistant, apply to grad school for poli sci under an advisor in your area of interest (e.g. a prof who researches NGO development or policy making in Asia) who typically has one or several assistants. Not sure if your favorite poliscientist has RAs? Look at the acknowledgments in his/her latest book and see if any are mentioned. Failing that, drop the person a line to indicate your intention to apply to the program, your interest in working with him/her and politely ask whether there are any research assitantships offered. If you'd like a PhD and more opportunities to do your own research, this is the way to go.

But you're not going to be recruited (especially not from have to apply like everyone else.

Otherwise, start looking in the business sector; I'm sure there's an international corporation that has a place for you.

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