A not-so-good Bachelors degree; any hope in higher studies or job?

Question:I got into a good university, but I decided to change my area of study and dropped out. In the meantime, I applied for and did a psych. degree through distance learning. I graduated but did not score very well.
That was due to my ignorance.. I have now realized how difficult it is for dismal grades (3/4 gpa) and studies by distance education for getting a good job.

The thing is, is it too late to make amends?
What can I do to offset my performance last time?

I mostly did the degree on my own, even though I attended local classes. I did not know that straight As are necessary for graduate school.

What do you suggest I do?
Thank you

Your GRE scores are good, especially the math; what you haven't said is what type of a graduate degree are you trying to get, because straight A's aren't necessary for all graduate programs, just those that are extremely competitive. The other thing we don't know is what kind of a school you got your distance learning degree from. Was it a for-profit, or was it distance learning through a traditional university? That can make a difference as well; distance learning shouldn't be a problem if you did it through an accepted university.
A 3.0 is generally sufficient for grad school entry if you have good GRE/MAT scores.

The most selective of schools may not be interested, consider some of the tier 3 and tier 4 options out there.

There are plenty of programs to look at, as long as you have a 3.0 undergrad, a regionally accredited BA/BS, and good GRE/MAT/GMAT scores.

add: that 590 is in the upper 2/3 percentile - not bad but that 710 quant. is in the 90th percentile range, very good. That's approaching what the good engineering schools require.

Have you considered Psych tests and measures programs? They'd like that quant score. Those scores are high enough to get in many (not most) ranked programs, you should have minimal problems at most schools if your undergrad prep was solid curriculum.

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