3.6 GPA - good enough to get into NYU?

Question:First of all, is a 3.6 GPA on a 4.0 scale good enough to get into NYU? At my school, harder classes are given more weight, and I take a lot of hard classes. Weighted my GPA is 3.8. Secondly, the 3.6 looks alright by itself, but when you look at some of my individual grades, I have gotten low B's, one C, and one D, among many A's. Will this be a problem?

Although GPA is not everything, I think you will have trouble getting into NYU. My brother has almost a 4.0 with a bunch of other crap to pad his stats and he got rejected twice. It might help if you try to enter in with a major that NYU isn't known for...just a suggestion; but you may have trouble getting out of that major into the one of your choice. So...again, it's not always about GPA, but a 3.6 may not be outstanding enough for a top 30 school like NYU. Good luck with it, and I do hope you get in.
3.6 or 3.8 is great. you'll do fine, they know nobody is perfect and there are times when we don't do so great. the many A's shows your consistently a good student and it reflects in your GPA. I'm sure you'll get in, just apply.
Your GPA isn't the only thing that counts.

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