21yrs old and going back to college?

Question:Im a little nervous about starting college today, ive been out of school since 2004 and well its been a while, i just dont know what to expect or if its going to be super HARD! after high school i went to NIT which was the biggest mistake ever, although i am now a Medical Assistant and luckily have an amazing job sometimes i wish i would've just went straight to college, i would most likey be and R.N by now. i dont regret the things i do but it just sux! im going back to college to major in R.N just a little scared as to what to expect, is that field hard? any real life experiences as an R.N? is it worth trying and working for? =)

It's definitely worth the time and effort, you going back to school now to become an RN. In fact, nursing is one of those careers that is very welcoming to "older" students - and you're not even that old, comparatively. I think this is an excellent choice for you.

It's hard to balance work and life and school, but many of the students in your classes will be doing the same thing. Don't be shy about talking to the person sitting next to you. Even just asking about something from class can begin a friendship.

Good luck!
i think wanting to go back and further your education and better yourself is always worth trying, im going back today after 4 years of being out of college.
Be prepared to study hard but you should be in a good place to do well with your experience thus far. Don't fret. You are not alone and will do just fine. If you want to do it then you will. It's nothing that I'm sure you cannot handle if you put your mind to it. You are older and more disciplined. Just do your work and ask questions. Get a study group together if you can.
im starting my RN course in 1 week and im 22! We will be going through it together!
being an RN isn't that bad from what i can see. i also thought about majoring in RN tooo but i've changed to dignostic medical sonography ultra sounds xrays and all that stuff..it takes just as long as gettin ur RN but yet u get paid more =) RN..from a friends perspective, hes a doctor and my cousin who also just became a doctor ain't that all great, they tend to babysit their patients just like a CNA.
I am going to school to be an R.N. as well. I was nervous about taking some of the prereqs, since I did not know what to expect. My fears of failing never came true. They do not just stick you out there and expect you to know everything, rather they help build up your education. It will be challenging at times, but remember, you only have to do it once. (Except for the continuing education) Just do the work, take good notes, ask for help when you need it, and you will be 100% fine. Good luck!!

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