Combined Degree Education Question?

Question:I am a high school senior who recently got into a combined 5 year degree for Bachleor of Science/Bachleor of Education at the University of Calgary. My initial career goal is to become secondary math teacher, howevery after hearing the horror stories about teaching at Y! Answers, I don't want teaching as my only option post graduation.

With that being said, my actual question is:

Will the Bachleor of Science degree open other doors for me?

The degree is called:

Bachleor of Education (Master of Teaching Program)
Bachleor of Science in General Mathematics in Education

Will the fact that the BSc has educational context in its matter if I was to pursue a proffestional career in buisness/finances.?

Do employers care what your Bachleor's Degree is actually in, or is it just seen as a level of education you aceived?

I'm not totally turned off by teaching, and still see that as a noble career.....for now.

Thanks for any help in advance

I think your assumptions are fairly correct. I think it matters more to business financial professionals who may hire you that you have a double major and achieved Bachelors degrees in these fields rather than wondering about the concentration in education. You can always be a very well paid tutor, or teach college, or teach adult school...many of those people want to learn so it's less hassle than middle or high school I understand. But there's also research positions, maybe counseling. And in my opinino it is true-- as long as you are taking accounting and other financial classes too, then I am sure you will have more than enough marketable skills for many possible career choices. Don't overestimate computer and typing classes too. Make friends with the careers counseling center, or your advisor in the major. Someone should be able to shed more light on the types of professional jobs this program track is supposed to prepare students for.
You check go Univerity Of Singapore.
The fact is that there are many jobs out there that require only a bachelor's degree, without stating what that degree should be in. If you find you don't want to teach after all, you can still find a job doing something else. In addition, because you will be getting a degree in something math-related, you will be among the minority of students in North America, and that will open doors for you.
I'd like to say something aboiut the "noble" career that you are now shying away from; while it is TRUE that there are times that *I* at least said: OMG why AM I doing this?, in the ten years I've been a teacher, I've really enjoyed it. Students in the secondary level especially are very special, kind and they really want you to like/trust them. If you don't think you can establish a good rapport with them, don't go into teaching, but if you really like kids, the rewards are enormous (after you've gone through the trial by fire). GOOD LUCK

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