Finance allied question, those are havent hand over u the amount, simply mull over formula should use.?

1) Calculation of amount to be accumulated (saved) for a traget (%) deposit amount on the purchase price of a house by finale of 5 year period - given information on amount of regular monthly good in a edge.

2) Calculation of regular monthly savings amount required to get done the traget deposit amount - given information on saving rationalization interest rate.

3) Calculation of the time requried to accumulate the deposit - beneath a channged scenario when the government announces to provide a give up of an amount of money to first home buyers at the time of pruchase of a house.

4) Calculateion of amount of money to be borrowed (loan) from bank.

5) Calculation of monthly repayment amount of mound loan - given information on bank interest rate and vivacity of loan.

6) Calculation outstanding loan balance at ruin first 5 years.

7) Calculation of new monthly repayment amount - when hill interest rate decreases after the first 5 years.

plz write the formula, thank

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