About Electrical Engineering [my course]?

Question:I will be doing Electrical Engineering, Freshman. I am interested in microprocessors, IC, and all the related things that makes up a robot. In short I want to make robots. Now my question is "IS Electrical Engineering a proper choice".

And what about job. I never really understand what Engineers do at work. In TV I have seen what doctors do but engineers were never mentioned.

Can someone suggest what course should I take?
Please help

Yup. Electrical Engg is what you want to do. You could specialize in robotics during your engg.
Engineer is now such a generic term that its difficult to say what they do. Anyone who does problem solving for a living is considered an engineer. Electrical Engg could design IC's, next gen displays, touch screens,... there are tons of possibilities including building robots, the space shuttle, satellites, telescopes etc. Chemical Engg try to come up with metals and combinations that help make IC's even smaller (for example). Computer Engg design software, work with electrical engg to make software work with hardware etc etc



Electrical engineering might also delve into robotics a bit, but I would say that mechanical engineering is probably your best bet. We built a robot in my mechanical engineering class last year, definitely fun times. You might also want to look into computer engineering.

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