A department store security guard discovers that one of his friends is stealing merchandise from the electroni

Question:(continued) electronics department. The security guard is likely to experience _______ conflict.

A. role

B. social

C. external

D. status

Assuming that the Security Guard is honest and that he considers the thief to be a good friend, I believe that A would be the most fitting answer.
The dilemma is, does he turn his friend in to the authorities and be true to his job and moral conscience , and lose the friendship of the thief or does he look the other way, keep the friendship and lose a piece of himself to deceit and dishonesty? Either way his ROLE as a security guard is in conflict.
I would have to say it is Role conflict. He conflicted in his professional role as a security guard with his personal role as a friend.
B is the correct answer. In A, he knows his role is as the security guard. C indicates something from he outside and D status has nothing to do with it. This leaves B. Social conflict as he must be loyal to his job first.

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