A social science:psychology degree with a minor in English or Creative Writing?

Question:I know there are some people who would say this is a 'useless' degree, but I disagree. I like that Social Science covers so much. I was thinking about either a concentration in psychology or a concentration in economics, though I am more interested in psych, and I'm not great at math, which might be a problem for the econ.

I might want to go into teaching, but maybe not.

Any opinions on this degree, what I would be able to do with it, and how difficult it would be?

I think you mean a BS or even BA Psychology degree; Psychology is part of Social Science and is not usually part of the degree.

You asked several questions, so I have several answers.

If you are intrigued by the mind, go with Psychology. Economics may have some math, but it's generally not alot like algebra or whatever. They're both pretty theory-based, and an undergraduate degree with no intentions of becoming a psychologist will probably not give you hands-on experience (which you may or may not need, up to you).

You mentioned English or Creative Writing. You need to research these degrees from your school. I could help you, but I also don't want you think think you have to go with what I say either. Having taken four-English-Comp classes, and one literature/comp class combined, English will probably be more focused on mechanics and stuff in a real obsessive sense it seems, as just with my minor classes I went through alot. Creative writing, however, allows more flexibility with what you can write. From fiction novels, poetry, to even screenwriting (where abailable) the choice is yours. And having a psychology degree, especially a BA in this case, would be beneficial in creating characterization. These two combinations could create some cool child literature, other literature, or even if taken to extremes, some major horror stuff (crime-drama serial killer stuff perhaps).

For teaching, it depends on where you want to teach. Primary and Secondary schools usually require a Masters for a teaching position, and some require a Bachelors (where I live a HS diploma works) for substitution. Colleges want either Ms or PhDs, and some may take the Bs, but not sure of that.

I do not see any problems why you couldn't do, for example, BA Psych, minor in Creative Writing, and later teach. With this combo I have no doubt you could be a very cool Psych teacher or Creative writing teacher.

Since you have thrown alot out, I would make sure a track like you suggested is what you want. Maybe take an intro class in psych, economics, english, and creative writing, and see what you like. Also, Primary and SEcondary Education usually requires a teaching degree in that area of education.

If you need help in your college search, email me. I may be able to help. Only give me your state if you want to go in-state or the state you want to go to.

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