Advices for a Hong Kong UK-boarding Sixth Form student to enter UK medical schools?

Question:I'm a student from Hong Kong and I've got 3As 2Cs 4Ds in my HKCEE. I'm going to pursue AS/A2 in the UK this September and I wonder what I should do really to enter good UK medical schools. I'm planning to take Maths Further Maths Bio Chem Phy Chinese and French for AL, and I wonder if Further Maths is really unnecessary and time-consuming for my medical dream (how many notable schools consider only 1 Maths subject?). Also, what policy should I have concerning top medical schools? My 4 choices currently are Edinburgh, Nottingham, St George's and (undecided). I'm not sure if I should even think of the top 4.
I'm a qualified first aider according to the Hong Kong St John Ambulance and I've gained 1 week work experience at the Department of Clinical Oncology in Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong. What stuffs is highly recommend for me to do in the UK during half-terms and holidays?

7 A-levels is a bit much. You're only going to have time to do 3 although they may let you sit chinese as a 4th if you're already fluent. The way it works is you sit 4 AS level subjects and then drop one to take the other 3 up to A level.

It's good that you've got clinical experience, they like that and a little more in some other areas of medicine would be good. You can also volunteer at charity day centres for things like dementia to get more patient orientated skills.

Have you considered Manchester? It was rated as number 1 a few years ago (though I don't know what it's at now). Dundee uni is also good for the general uni experience but I don't know what the medical school is like (I studied anatomy there).

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