Any tips on entering a new school?

Question:I just moved and now I am starting a new a new school and leaving all my friends, im nervous about starting because i don't know anyone. I just want to make a good impression and gets lots of friends!

This is always so difficult for a young person. I would suggest you do more listening than talking to start off with. Show that you are interested in what someone else has to say. You can never go wrong that way. Good luck
join many clubs, be friendly, and relax
be friendly.i hoped this helped becouse i starte a new chool a year ago
I moved not too long ago, but the most important thing by far is going up to people, and not waiting for the to come to you. This is the only way your going to meet a bunch of people. I had a few weeks at my new school before summer and didn't try very hard to go up to new people, and I had a very boring summer : /

good luck! you'll have the whole school year so don't worry!!
DO NOT!! go with the nerds! i know they are more accepting but i did that and i totally regret it, it took me like 2 months to get to be friends w/ better peeps. if a popular person asks u to sit with them do it and be very friendly
just go through the front door..and enjoy yourself.
Dear Newbie,

Life is not a popularity contest look for quality in friends not quantity, and don't worry about making a good impression just be yourself, because there is alway going to be someone who hates you:)Good luck!
be really friendly, be cool and invite a couple friends over.
don't wait for them to come to you. go to them.
hey, i've done this twice. its hard but after you get used to being with new people it gets better, trust me. dont try to be something you're not, just be yourself. get involved in sports and activities both in AND out of school. its a lot easier to make friends when you have something in common with them -- it gives you something to talk about. also during the first few days of school look for other people who are new (they're in the same situation and are also looking for new friends) or a group of people who look nice and seem easy to talk to.
I just transferred too. I'm still in's my 3rd year in college. I would say to join clubs...whatever you're interested in. Ask for a class mates number...just be a social butterfly with a great attitude...people will gravitate to you and will always help you when you need it.
That is how everyone feels. I try to make conversation with people and then take it from there on.
Through the front door.. and don't trip.

Also be nice and friendly with everyone... nerds and hostile b!tches. just a thought... who cares what table you sit at in the lunchroom... as long as you aren't sitting alone... unless you are into that sort of thing.

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