Anyone on here go to or have gone to University of Phoenix online? If so, was it possitive or otherwise?

Until they're accredited, the odds of the education you get from online colleges or universities is not likely to help you get a better job, go on to other higher learning institutions, or any other the other advantages going to a "real" college gets you.

If you want to attend online classes, see what courses are offered online at any traditional college or university.
my friend goes to University of Phoenix online. She gets to do all of her classes online. shes going for her teaching degree. she's half way through. she just got her sub/teachers aid certificate. its a legit school as far as i know, its seems that way. the only bad thing i've heard from her about it is that she doesn't get a break in between semesters like a regular college would. as soon as she finishes her classes, she starts with the next set of classes. but i guess thats a good thing if your trying to get done faster. i also don't know if UP offers financial aid, such as grants.

if your researching schools. try midland college. it is a REGULAR college in texas. but its cool, because alot of programs are offered completely online. i am in texas, but 8 hours away. i am about to start the fall semester there. i am going for a medical transcription certificate and HIM associates which will include billing and coding. ALL completely online. and i am also getting financial aid. so as far as right now is concerned, my school, tuition and fees, books, everything is being paid for!

good luck. i know who crappy searching for the right school is.

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