After you graduate from uni how many interviews did you go to before you got your first proper job?

You really attend only one interview;that job you deserve as the best qualified and willing to start and keen to stick there! Hope the certificates are genuine from a recognised uni.
I arranged both on the same day, both made an offer and as one offered 30% greater salary than the other, the decision was easy.
3, but it was for the same job. Got an offer and accepted it. It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to get some experience fast, then you will probably accept offers rather quickly thus won't go through many interviews. If you feel like you want to go into a specific position or role within a company, then it might take quite a few interviews before you will find the one you desire.
i was very lucky and went to 1!! got offered the job couple of days later and moved to spain to start it within 4weeks!
Just the one - I was quite choosey about what I applied for.

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