Advice for first year of college?

Question:i moved several hours from home to start college. i'm taking 15 hours - sociology, comp, anatomy and chemistry. i'm worried that i'm going to be so focused on getting lost and not knowing anything about the campus that it will hurt my grades because i'll be too nervous to use the library or the help centers. i really want to do well in college but i'm really nervous. plus i am taking those two science classes, which i'm not very good at. i don't know anyone else that is going to the same school as i am. i think i have a social anxiety disorder so i stress out about everything. any advice?

How about taking a visit of the campus before school starts to figure out where everything is and get more comfortable with it? I'm starting college this fall, not far from home, but I am planning to just go and walk around and get "the lay of the land" before the first day of classes. If you know where everything is beforehand, it'll be more familiar when you show up on the first day.
You might want to change your classes for your first semester--- try scheduling them for your best time of day if you can. And maybe start out with easier classes for the first semester so you'll have less pressure. I'm saving all my math and science classes for later semesters so that I'll be more comfortable with college life and less likely to freak out, lol.
Also, get in touch with your professors on the first day of classes-- say hello, get to know them, make friends with them as best as you can because for the most part, they Do want to help you, and if you let them know up front what your concerns or other worries are about college life in general (and their classes in particular), they will be more willing to help you if they can.
The most important thing I think though is to just Relax, and don't let anyone pressure you into doing more or going faster than you feel ready for. If you have to take five years to graduate when everyone else is taking three, that's OK, if that's what it takes to stay sane through the process! There's no shame in going at your own pace and doing what YOU decide is best for YOU.
Good luck!
Just calm down. If you're living in a dorm you'll make friends quickly and figure things out. Otherwise, you'll just have to make friends with the students in your class or join a club you're interested in.

I know it may seem overwhelming now, but a week into it you'll have figured about how your university works and be on track.
If this is your first semester begin with only one science class, especially since you are nervous about it. There will be plenty of time to take the other science class. Also take only the basic 4 required units, with something you really like to make up the last 3 hours. That will give you your required 15 hours. Dont start with too much of a load. Too many freshmen do just that.
Girl, just relax.stay focused do your homework, find someone who can help you with the subjects you dont understand, and the most important one is..PRAY... i had horrible grades in high school then few years later after graduation I went to college, I was focused and I knew I was ready...I prayed and asked God to help me to make all "A's" even though it seemed impossible to me at the time I knew everything possible with GOd...and guess what... I finished my 1st year with 3.85 GPA !! God is so faithful, just trust Him and He will give you favor and help you overcome your anxiety!
Be blessed girl
P.S. also dont get caught up in freshman party life it will mess over you in the end.find friends that are serious about school and you will be OK
I will try and keep it simple

1. Keep Balance - Don't sacrifice any part of your life Social, Health, School
2. Study away from home - Find a comfortable quiet place where you can get you work done efficiently
3. Exercise - This will help keep anxiety down and you can make friends through intra murals
4. Get involved - Join a group that you are passionate about
5. Go to Class!
6. Prepare before class - If you prepare before class you mind will be engaged and you won't have to cram for your tests. Its magical
7. Don't sweat the small stuff - Read this book
8. HAVE FUN...this is most important. College is often the best time of your life.

I managed a 4.0 my first semester even while pledging a fraternity. These things really helped me out. Good luck!
Go to class. Most people who don't do well in college don't do well because with the new found freedom they don't go to class. You'll find that most professors are a lot like teachers you had in high school. They want you to do well. And help centers are no big deal. The library is essential. Don't be afraid. You'll find it's a lot easier than you thought. Also, get a planner and write down your assignments. Go home and study a little bit each night. That'll make anatomy much easier. I wish I had done that when I took anatomy. :)
If your school offers a "freshman prep" or introductory program, definitely take advantage of it. Or, if it'll help, take a tour of the campus so that you are familiar with the school.

Also, do a "dry run" of your classes before school begins (again, maybe with the help of a campus tour guide?) so that you'll know where the pertinent buildings are. That way, on your first week, you're not lost or overwhelmed.

[Okay, no dorms. Disregard my previous response.] Get in touch with your school counselor and ask him/her if there are any clubs/organizations that you will enable you to meet fellow freshman and, especially, ones taking the same classes. That way, you'll be more likely to meet other freshman in your same shoes -- get to know them and be each other's support group.

The first few weeks of college is like painting a room -- the more preparation work you do, the easier it is when the event actually happens. Also, look for school tutors if you are concerned about the science classes off the bat -- that way, that issue is resolved before school begins.

There are plenty of resources at schools for incoming freshman to make your lives easier. Find them before school begins so that you will be much more relaxed. Good luck!

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