Acceptance into University of Florida based on music, not academics?

Question:I'm going to be a senior in high school this year and I am weighing my college options. I have decent grades...Advanced Placement Program, National Honors Society, but I'm not like really above GPA isn't very high anymore (3.29 unweighted, 3.69 weighted ), and I got an 1160 (out of 1600) on the SAT first try and I will be retaking that this fall. I'm just not sure of my chances of getting into UF based on my acedemics so I was wondering whether or not I could have a better chance based on my music. I really want to do Gator Band and I play flute/piccolo, so I didn't know if there was anyway that could improve my chances rather than being just a student. If anyone knows please, any feedback is great.

Wow...those qualifications are all over the place. Just looking at your GPA and SAT, I'd expect you'd have about a 30% chance of making it in. The AP courses and NHS should help, but might not be enough all by themselves.

I surfed the UF site, but couldn't find the bit about auditions for enrollment as a music major (almost every music program has that). If you can indicate both willingness and the necessary talent to play in the Gator band, that would help your admissions chances, but I don't know how you could do that unless there is some sort of Gator Band pre-admission audition process for prospective UF freshmen.

I'd check the Gator Band website if I were you. I'd also have a backup university in mind, just in case.
you'll be fine...
i ithink you will be fine -- you are applying for the best school in a really bad university system in a state that is notoriously bad for education. i would consider going somewhere else anyway. flagler college in st augustine is an inexpensive private college with a great music program that is actually well known for music. it is frequently listed as one of the best college buys in the country. its a really nice campus too. just a thought if you want to go to school in florida.
Your chances might not be that good.

I would call up the Gator Band and talk to them. Ask them what it will take to get an interview and what it will take to get into UF.

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