Am I counted as California Resdent and do I get admissions priority?

Question:I live in another country, but my parents have a house in California. We have not currently been living there. I go to school in an international school in the country that I live in, and I am planning to apply to US university. I understand that UC Berkeley and other universities get priority into admissions if you are a state resident. my question is that even though I am not living in California and going to a California school, but I have a house there, do I get priority into a UC admission? (oh yeah, and I am paying taxes to the state of california like other residents.)

To qualify as a California resident, you must be physically present in California for more than one year.

Hmm, I'm not sure, I thought residency was based on living here for 6 or more months. So I wouldn't think so. Though, I'm no expert, good luck getting into Berkeley.
You have to prove to the admissions office that you are an actual resident, such as driver license, utility bills, bank accounts or such dating back one year with CA address on them.

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