Answer this for me.I wanna know so bad?

Question:Just had bad and good is it?
Did you like your roomnate? How was he/she?
Do you ever have the time to study since there's so much partying going on?
Is there even as much partying as people say there are?
Do you miss home?
and the best question yet: Hows the food there?

Every school is different and generally speaking it is absolutely terrific! Like everything in life it will be what you make of it. Universities have great things for students to get involved with and you should. Play an intramural sport, join a professional society once you pick a major, if you like a party scence join a sorority, and if you don't just make a few friends from around the dorm or in your classes.

Having a roommate you like is a complete crapshoot your first year. You can usually switch within a few weeks if it is a complete mismatch but generally speaking it works out. The toughest part about it is that you are sharing a room and if you havn't done that before its a challenge, and unlike at home you arnt sharing a room with a brother or sister but a complete stranger that may have completely different taste. It is really corny but you have to establish a code of conduct for the room so you don't get on one another's nerves. Thats the worst case though, you may very well meet your best friend for life. I did, in fact I had five roommates sharing a two bedroom suite and we are all best friends to this date.

You have to make time for studying. It's easy to get tempted into always drinking and partying but it is a fast way to end up flunking out or worse graduating without learning enough and getting stuck living at home afterwards because you can't find a job, or you are forced to take a job you hate. Save the parties for the weekend and my best advice is to space your classes into two back to back in the late morning, and two back to back in the late afternoon and use the middle time to get as much studying done as you can. This way you will have your evenings free to hang out with people or if you had to cram for an upcoming exam.
Don't try to study in your room it usually just causes problems and a few articles are out now that its just not a good idea so get used to hanging out in an on campus coffeeshop or at the library.

The party scene really depends on what school you go to. I graduated from UConn which is not a party school anymore. It still has the reputation but you are hard pressed to find a good party any day before Thursday. Now weekends are a different story, every school from the Ivy League to the NorthSouthwest Central University of Nobody Cares has parties on the weekends. It is up to you to figure out how often you want to go out, where you are comfortable, who you want to hang out with. Colleges are big enough that you can always find what you are looking for. Both good and bad.

I think most freshmen miss home their first year. You get caught up the first few days just trying not to get lost and getting to know your neighbors that it overwhelms some people. A lot of people going from being somebody in their small town high school to nobody in the big state school because suddenly their are good looking girls and guys everywhere, everyone seemed to play a sport, and everyone was at least reasonably smart or they wouldnt' be there. That takes time to adjust. However, I absolutely loved my four years at school and I was thousands of miles away from home. The trick is to just stay busy. Meet people, buy season tickets to the sports games, join a club, and don't be afraid to talk to anyone. Some of my best friends now are people I don' think I would have ever talked to when I was in high school but college is a much bigger and better world.

The food stinks! It's that simple every dining hall in America has the same fried food, bad salads, watered down dressings, and burnt burgers. Their are some bright spots as UConn has a point system where you can get some killer good food, and I know schools in Boston have their local hangouts where they get some good deals. And cereal is good everywhere.

Don't worry, college will be a great experience if you just let yourself enjoy it!

Cheers, good luck
College was great!
Loved my roomie - she was also from CA
We balanced studying with partying and fun
If you remain focused on why you are in college, you will do well; look for ways to study with others to make it fun
Yes, I missed home - that is normal
The food was great - unlimited seconds, esp. juice, cola etc.
College was good. My roommates were all very nice. I had a lot of time to study. Sometimes it was hard to study in the dorms, they do get loud, but you should be able to go to the library or a computer lab. I didn't miss home at all because I made a lot friends that I hung out with in my free time.
The food was horrible!

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