A student should follow these 5 rules.?

Question:1: NEVER MAKE NOICE IN THE CLASS ROOM... respect the fact that others are sleeping.
2: KEEP THE COLLEGE CLEAN... so stay away.
3: ALWAYS TAKE SOME FRUIT 4 THE ANIMALS. in the staffroom.
4: ALWAYS TAKE BOOKS WITH U. u dont get pillow to help u in sleep well.
5: NEVER B EARLY TO SCHOOL... else no one willnotice.

sorry to burst your bubble people I am always early to class, could be I want to get the most out of my education, that and I abhor being late. I never miss a class if I can help it.
Well I follow the 5th one, i am always late, like to make a grand entry, hehehe
Some of my college teacher s close the doors after three minutes.
Naaa...I agree with number 5 though !
you just cant go to school early,
unless your up to something ;) x
1.sorry cant follow 1st rule its against my rules
2.well 2nd z gud1
3.abt fruit 4 animals.then i'll say they dont trust me
4.ya itz fyn
5.dont tell me im always noticed by all.well i'm punctual bcoz to gain somethin v hav 2 do somethin which z not gud!!

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