Anyone studied/studying Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in Australia?

Question:Has anyone completed or currently undertaking a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education or Bachelor of Primary Education at any university in Australia? If so, I would love to hear how you feel about it, your experience thus far and how you're coping with it. I'm very interested in taking either of the above courses (although I'm still in High School at the moment, but I'm planning ahead!), so it would be extremely helpful to hear from others who are studying for it.

If possible, could you tell me what University you're undertaking your studies at? I've been looking into Monash University and the University of Melbourne, though I'd like to attend anywhere in Victoria. Can anyone recommend the best university in Victoria for the teaching field?

Anyone who can give me their experiences, your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks very much in advance!

First of all, I'm not studying teaching but I may be able to help you. My father works as part of the teaching staff at La Trobe University Bendigo in Primary Education and from what I hear from him, taking a position at a regional university will open up more job opportunities. As far as one university being better than another- I'm pretty sure it's a fairly level playing field. I have mates studying teaching in Bendigo, Geelong and Warrnambool and they all love it, so I'm sure where ever you choose you'll enjoy it. If I was you, I'd travel to all the open days so you can make the right choice.

Just in case you have not got much response for your question, re-post to Travel - Australia - General Australia. I know this is not a travel questions, but it is the area checked by plenty of Australians and I know lots of questions posted there are not related to travel at all.

Hope you got the answer you want. Good luck for your study :)

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