Any chances of getting into an ivy league?

Question:i had a 3.6 GPA in 9th grade and a 3.0 in 10th grade and in 11th grade, is there any chance of me getting into an ivy league school? Im in a club everyday after school, and i play sports in the winter and spring, and im part of the honor society and i volunteer at a hospital?

Your GPA is lower than average for an Ivy League student, and it's hard to determine how much of a chance that you have without SAT/ACT information, but the Ivy League schools weigh things out differently. If you can get good recommendations from your teachers, write excellent essays, and your standardized test scores are decent in comparison to their averages, I say go ahead and give it a shot if it means a lot to you.
SAT scores have a lot to do with it. and colleges look for diversity also.
You have a pretty low GPA, so unless you're from the best high schools in the country (Phillips-Exeter, Harvard-Wellesey, Stuyvesant) you do not have a chance of getting into any Ivy leagues, to be honest.
Very unlikely. If you're good enough to be a recruited athlete, and your SAT scores are very good, and you're from a top high school, then maybe.
to show your commitment volunteer a lot!! it may make up for your grades. you do have good grades so why is there such a need to go to an ivy league college? remember just because a college doesn't have the reputation of Harvard doesn't mean it's not a good school.

good luck!

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