Am I good enough?

Question:I am a Senior. My GPA isn't great, but its decent. Weighted (AP's, Honors, etc.) my GPA is in the upper 3.0's. I got between 1800-2000 on my three attempts at the SAT's, and 750 in both Korean and Math IIC (SAT subject test). I have plenty of volunteer work done; missions with my church, Habitat for Humanity and missions on feeding the homeless.
I was also on the school swim team for a year, on the school orchestra for 3 years and am currently writing (and possibly becoming one of the editors) for the school newspaper.
What kind of colleges do you think this could get me into?

Do you live in California?
I think if you do, it is possible you could get into the lower tier UC schools (UCM, UCR, UCSC). Maybe if your admission essays are really good then you could possibly get accepted to the second tier UC schools (UCD, UCSB, UCI).
pretty much whatever you want i suppose. however it depends on what you want to be. if your going to school to be a doctor or lawyer then you should try to get into a good school, but pretty much everything else it doesn't matter where your degree is coming from. even if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer unless you plan on doing some fancy medicine or working for the stars then don't bother with the fancy school. joe down the block who is suiting his neighbor doesn't care if your degree is harvard or some state school. i say go find a nice cheap state school and go there. if you decide later that you want to do something big and fancy then you can transfer or impress some fancy school. really though try for a cheaper school you will probably be able to get a free ride. that would be nice with school being so expensive. they give you scholarships for activities and high scores and GPA plus at a fancier school there will be people with much higher scores and you won't get anything. go somewhere sensible.

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