Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?

Question:It's hard to explain if you don't already know about this. But you can get scholarships or free room and board and stuff like that just for being black, latino, or even female. Isn't that racism? So because I am a white male, I might have a hard time getting into college? Isn't that racism, exactly what we're trying to stop? Or am I being unreasonable?

Most schools just want a diverse environment. Colleges don't usually give out scholarships due to race. The scholarships you are talking about are provided by actual hispanic and black organizations. It is just the way it is. There are so many scholarships you can get out there, no need to fuss over the ones that are provided for certain races.
Those scholarships are not 'just' for being part of a group. They are based on merit as well. It's about as prejudice as scholarships only for descendants of world war soldiers or children of parents who work at a certain factory, as in, it's not at all racist.

As a white male, you do have access to plenty of other scholarships, stop your griping. Chances are if you couldn't get one of those other scholarships you do have access to, you wouldn't be winning any of those scholarships you are not eligible for.
Listen to yourself talk. If you're so stupid as to associate getting scholarships with college admission chances, just drop out of school while you're still ahead. It'll save you years of your life and thousands of your dollars.
you are not being unreasonable. my brother had the highest GPA, most extra curricular, and volunteer hours, and high sat score at his school... but some black guy who was half as good got into Harvard for being black. colleges look for diversity. being a miniority does help but i dont know about the female part. now a days asians arent even considered minority. the best miniority to be is native american

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