AHHHH Seniorrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

Question:K Im a senior. Obviously Im gonna ask you a college question right now. It's really embarssing thouh. Please have some pitty on my poor grades. Of course, I have no one to blame. I partied too much, I slacked off too much, and was more serious about sports than academics. I still have couple of the few first 3 months to show college my senior grades.. right? no? Is it possibly to get into college with a GPA of 3.0? Im applying to an art school by the way. So I'm praying that they'll go easy on the grades and look more into my portfoio/my artistic talent.

3.0 isn't bad but that depends on which school you want to go to. The more competative the school, the harder it will be to get in. However, they don't just look at grades. I've known students with 2.7-3.0 who got into decent colleges because of their other talents. They weren't top on the list of students the college accepted by any means, but they are doing well now and got into good schools.
3.0 GPA is not bad. Most school's wouldn't even hold it against you (I have plenty of friends who got into Penn State, Maryland with 3.0... are your SAT's any good?) I'm only farmiliar with one art school, Goucher, which does have slightly higher acceptance history then other schools.. It would make sense, I mean, they would want to focus more on your art then your grades... right? Don't worry too much, just work hard and I'm sure you'll be fine.
I would say...yes! Of course, it depends on your college, but many would accept a 3.0. For example, in California, a G.P.A. like that can get you into almost any state college, and a UC will accept a 3.0. as long as you have other good points as well.
My friend had a horrible G.P.A, and was accepted into her dream school- an art school, because of her talent.
For now, I would say work hard; show that you are improving- that's how I got into my UC. If they have doubts, they will ask for your transcript after the first semester of your senior year- and if they see definite improvement, it will certainly help you.
Just keep your hopeful mindset, study, and you will be that much closer to getting what you want.

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