16 and entering college?

Question:I'm graduating a year earlier than my class.my friends... people that I know. At first, I was cool with it but after I start filling out my admission applcations, It started to dawn on me. I won't have ANYONE to talk to or hang with. Is it hard to meet NORMAL people in college? And are there alot of 15 and 16 yr olds at Universities? What about roommates? Do girls have boys for their roommates? Do you have to be 18 to join a 16 and entering college sorority? ((Delta Sigma Theta)) Help Please

I too started college at 16. I think the thing that really struck me most was how many "older" non traditional students were on campus. For some reason I was drawn to them (or maybe they were drawn to me) and I became good friends with many of them. I would listen to them complain about how hard the summer classes were because they were every day of the week, and I would remind them this is what their high school kids did every day. I even earned extra money by tutoring folks in math.
I learned a lot from my college experience at 16.
My point? Keep an open mind about who might be your friends aka "Normal"... You will see a lot of people "not like you" who may be really cool and interesting. Teachers are awesome and interesting were always friendly and helpful. No you will not have a boy for a roommate. Don't be afraid to ask questions. you will have a blast!

You are very lucky you live in a state that lets you start college that early. Some don't.
Good Luck!!
wow...ur smart
colleges are like whore houses anymore.. their parties are wild.. be prepared to lose your virginity
Ok, many high school juniors and seniors take a few college courses in which they get credit for. Try finding people in your classes in high school who have or will have college courses (only IF you have a college in town).

If not, its easy to find friends at college. A lot of incoming freshman are 17, so I doubt you will look any different. If you will live in a dorm, try to find your roomate on Facebook or through email and get to know them before move-in day.

There shouldnt be an age limit on joining a sorority. Make sure you attend all events and informationals..in which you'll meet lots of people there just like you. New and wanting to make friends.

Dont overload yourself with extra activities your freshman year. Join the sorority, and once you have a feel of college...try joining something like student activities board.

Also, get a part-time job on campus. Not only does it help pay off tuition, but you meet a lot of college students as well.

Good Luck!
they wont allow you to have a male roommate. theres not alot of age 16 college ppl..

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