ALGEBRA 2 A COLLEGE PREREQUISITE- for getting into most colleges ?

Question:Well at least thats what i noticed for any decent schoosl ...So im now a senior and bearly taking alg 2. So my question is, by the time I apply to my college choices will they be satisfied to see that im in the process of completing there PREREQUISITES ? Or do they want those classes completed by the time i apply.

ps my stupid high counselor put me on a two year alg 1 program.

When you send colleges your transcripts they will see that you're taking it and that should be enough to get you into some colleges, but maybe not the most competitive ones. But hey, there are some students who have to go to community college after high school graduation in order to take Algebra 2. It is a zero credit class but it's required to get into other schools.
Most college will be ok with this, but due to how competitive getting into college is nowadays, you might be grossly behind other students applying to the same school (especially if it is a school with a strong reputation). Good luck

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