A Major in Communications or English?

Question:I'm not good at science or math, so I'm considering one of these majors. Also, which one would be better in a business environment?

As to which one would be the best in a business environment - it would depend on the business.

An English major would be helpful in occupations having to do with publishing, proofreading, writing procedural standards, becoming a novelist, screenwriter, etc.

A communications major would place more emphasis on the technical side of communications, so you would gain knowledge of the hardware used in modern communication. This is in such a constant state of flux, with new products coming out each day, that you would have to keep very well informed. Your degree would open up more and diverse fields to explore for your profession, but might also entail more study and work. Jobs could be in publishing, all forms of communication (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.), teaching, heading up a communication department in almost any corporation, starting your own home business, OSHA or other government agencies, etc.

I think you should do a bit more research, then narrow down the field you'd like to be involved with and research that even more thoroughly.

Good luck!
Communications, definately. Its more of a business-y major than english is.
I recommend Communications, I think it's better for a business environment. With an English Major, you either go to teacher's college or maybe journalism, or something of the sort.
Communications would be a better major if you want to get into business (or get a job). And you can always take creative writing classes as electives even if you're not an english major.
I believe you should major in English and get a minor in communications.

There's always graduate school and it will be worth it.

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