Any Advantage to Early College? (Like YEARS early?)?

Question:CNN had a story today about an 11 year old starting college, and his siblings have been starting early, too.
Sounds great, but do kids this young really have an edge in the workforce? Do the pros outweigh cons, or are they being rushed too soon?

I think it's a bad idea. They aren't socially ready for that. Also what professional jobs can they get at 15 with a bachelors degree or 17 with a masters? What med schools or law schools would accept 15 year olds?
i think thats too soon. Im in HS and im taking college lvl courses through dual enrollment and AP- I think thats a better way
Its a disadvantage to that persons life. You should be a kid for as long as you can and get a job when you have to support yourself.

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