Have You ever heard of colleges putting laxatives in the food??

Question:I go to a University, and when people eat in the campus cafiteria they practically have to run home to go to the bathroom...the rumor around campus is that they put laxatives in the food to either keep the students skinny...or it is so if the food is not cooked all the way through u wont be able to tell, because it runs right through you? Do u think that is true, and if now what makes everyone have to go to the bathroom so bad...and is that even legal?

I dunno I heard that at my college and surrounding universities..
Actually the food in those cafetarias..are just so greasy and fatty that it makes you have to go to the bathroom
Only as a sophmoric prank or a hack.
This is true, not a myth. I remember needing to use the bathroom to take a dump, like 30 min after I ate. Yes, the Idea is that by doing this they will avoid million dollar lawsuits. Keep in the mind the cafeteria is mostly run by college students like yourself. They prolly never cooked a chicken or burger before. If you crap the food out, you have lessened the chance of getting food poisioning, therefore a lawsuit. Its a taboo topic.
No, it's not true. The reason students are running for the bathrooms is because university kitchens use REAL ingredients. Real, fresh food contains a lot of fiber which most people are not used to since we eat a lot of fake stuff. Since our bodies are not used to the fiber, we end up having to go to the bathrooms more.
That's ridiculous. It takes your body a lot longer than a few minutes or a half an hour to break apart food and absorb nutrients before it's passed into your intestines. Putting laxatives in food would of course be illegal. Quality of food can, however, effect the digestion process, and all that is going on is that the low quality food last ingested is being pushed out quickly shortly after these students eat something else.

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