Anybody got any tips..?

Question:on how to make a boring a boring class move faster!? It's figure drawing, three hours long! and it drags by soooOOOooo slow.

If you're doing well in the class, some ways that you can try to make this class more interesting are:

- Try new materials. If you've been working with charcoal, for example, switch to pencil, etc.
- Try new perspectives. If you've been drawing the entire body, realistically, instead try working with negative space, or with a different technique, or only on certain parts of the body.
- Try to push each drawing a bit further. Focus, get better with each one.
- Change your physical perspective. If you often draw from one angle, change it.
- Try including the background in the drawing. The room, the other students.
- If your drawings have mostly been about the body, but you've kind of been skipping the face/hands, as so many art students do, make sure you start to focus on them now.

Over the course of the semester, the teacher will mix the class up a bit. She'll have you do things like draw the person while the model moves every few minutes, etc. It won't always be just the same as it is on this first day.

It is a required class, in most programs. And it does really help you later on if you can master this now. Just try to incorporate some methods/techniques that make the class more interesting to you, and good luck!
Take a lot of notes, ask questions. If you are just sitting there drawing, it is going to take forever!
I believe you have been forced to take this class. You do not seem to enjoy it. If you have a talent for drawing then focus on a small part of the body and imagine it as valley with mountains. Dont look at it as a body, but reach out and touch it with your imagination.
Ouch, that just sounds boring. The only idea that I can come up with is to try to make up little stories in your head about the figures as you are drawing them. They could be humerous or serious. Give them personality and try to have fun with it.

Depending on your instructor, you could ask him/her for advice on how to make the class more challenging for you. They love to hear that someone wants a challenge. :-)
Ask to go out and don't go back!

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