About college books?

Question:What is the difference between international edition and regular edition?? Is it worth to pay $120 more than other edition? ISBN for the book is 9780073301709 (reg.edition) and 9780073221038 (international edition)

Take that question to the professor who will teach the class before you buy the book. Many times instructors never use the book.
I am not sure exactly what would be different about the international edition, but I say that you would wasting $120. Just use the assigned book. I really doubt that the international edition provides an extra $120 worth of value.

One thing that might be at risk are assigned questions. What if the questions or small projects are different in the international edition. You will be doing the wrong problems and not getting all of the points for your grade.
Usually the international edition books are cheaper, paperback and maybe a couple page difference. The regular edition, depending on the book is hardback and you can sell this one back in your local bookstore. Hope this helps!

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