AAA-AAB uni entry requirement, how do they decide which offer to give you?

Question:how do they decide who to give the AAA entry requirement (grade offer), and who to give the AAB requirement to?

This is for psychology at UCL...

I hope to get AAA, but it is more likely i will get AAB

This may seem slightly strange but the better students get the lower offer. If you really impress them then they'll give you the offer of AAB. This way they feel they are more likely to get a brilliant student to choose them as the offer is more attractive compared to competitors demanding higher grades. Also they want to make sure they still have you and so the lower offer provides a safety margin in case you unexpectedly wobble in your exams.

If you get the AAA they still think you are good enough, but they aren't confident enough to give you the AAB offer. Having the applicant achieve higher grades is a way to confirm their decision.

Some Cambridge colleges, eg. Christ College, give offers like EE to really outstanding students.They are known as easy offers. See if you don't believe me.
obviously the people that get 3As will be first accepted then they will probably go through the rest and look at personal statements to see who would be best for the place.

Also might do interview, which if you are good at gives you a good chance of blagging your way on
As long as you can talk your tutors into predicting you 3 A's you should be fine (and you normally can, I managed to talk mine into predicting 4 A's and there was no way in hell I would ever get that!)...

But they look at how much they want you, your academic potential and other factors. It is very often just a matter of how much they want you - that's why some people occasionally get unconditional offers. And if they did give you an offer at AAA and you got AAB they would probably take you anyway, depending on whether they had enough places for the people who had taken up their offers or not.

Good luck!
its not just on grades its personal statement as well they canbe flexible. my daughter was ill before a levels (let out of hospital day before they started) and didnt get grades they asked for however her personal statement was very strong so they still offered her the place. she has had a lot of health problems and had to take a year out after 2nd year due to operation at time of exams. however shes now done the exams and is heading back for final year in september and on course for a 2.1 (fingers crossed) hope u get what u want and good luck
It depends on how much they like you, usually based on personal statement, and reference.

I got a conditional offer at LSE for a course requiring AAB in the prospectus, for ACD...

Good luck!!

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