Anyone at school/college?

Not at this moment as it is still the holidays here. But next week lots of people will be at school/college. What exactly do you want to know?
Why you want to know? Because you don't have go back home and stay in school/college?
Im going to uni this september! Argh only 3weeks left of the holidays then 3years of study.
Im so scared.
And reeeeally excited too =]
But I think Im gonna forget something important when i pack. eeeeeeep!
Yes i am college, currently studying maths, further maths and geography. I really enjoy college life, didn't exactly know what you wanted to know. It is a great place to start a new set of friends. Hope this helps
im in college and study pharmacy. my final exam will come in a month. HELP ME!
I will be starting my 3rd and final year of my LLB Law degree in October, after which I plan to go on to study an LLM.

My sister starts her first day in 6th form next Tuesday, shes taking A-Level Law, English Literature and Biology.

Good luck.
No, not yet fortunately. I dont have to go back to college till the 6th.

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