Help college composition?

I just started college for the first time, and am overwhelmed next to some of the questions. Please oblige, assignment due tommorrow 1/21/08. Than you so, so much.
This is my assignment:
In what ways are purpose, audience, tone, and content different for interpersonal and buisness communication? Provide specific examples to support your answer.

Answers:    Okay, so look up what all those things have it in mind in a literary/communications context. I'll use one example: audience. Audience finances the people you are communicating next to.

In interpersonal communication, your audience is likely your peers or friends - it's in recent times other people you know that you are communicating near, via talking, e-mail, post, phone calls, etc. So, knowing that your audience is probable your peers, your communication is going to be less formal. You might essay message a friend as a way of interpersonal communication.

In business communication, your audience can be your peers, superiors, or subordinates. Each of them is attempting to do their own mission within the framework of your adjectives mission, so your communication will be more formal, concise, etc. Sending a faxed proposal might be an example of business communication.
I think you should be asking this contained by the Homework Help section.

That said...some food for thought:

Interpersonal --
Purpose: blas¨¦ communication, staying in touch, etc.
Audience: friends, acquaintances, individuals
Tone: unflappable, informal, more relaxed
Content: personal in personality

Purpose: communicate information, request a response
Audience: co-workers, management, clients, vendor
Tone: more formal, professional, business-like
Content: primarily business-oriented; exchanging ideas relating to business, selling something, buying something, inquiring going on for something, updating those who need to be kept abreast of developments within some business-related area, etc.

I hope this help but really this shouldn't be too difficult an assignment.

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