About becoming something?

Question:i wanna become a something good

i was thinking i wanna be a meteorologist

hmmm what are u guys gonna become when u grow up?

answer so in know e.g teacher, doctor, bussiness

I'm 56 and still not ready to grow up. I spent most my life in show business making next to nothing but getting stuff on radio and TV.

I can do what only maybe 2 million people in the world of 6 billion can do. It didn't make me much money, but I'm not in it for the $$$.

My former co-producers are even better at it. They got a show to Pilot at NBC. That's a dream I have yet to realize.

They don't make much money either. The $20K advance goes quite quickly when you don't sell another script for 15 years.
Actually , I am currently studying Engineering

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