Am I entitled to special provisions in college because I have Neurofibromatosis?

Question:Sometimes it takes me embarrassingly long to learn things...I don't know whether NF is the cause

It's embarrassing because even my younger brother beats me easily in like everything and he is slack

Most often when you have a learning disability (which is sounds like NF is, although I don't know much about that particular condition) you are able to receive special services in college catered specifically to your needs. You can determine this two ways-first by speaking to your high school counselor if you are still in high school, or also by calling the admissions department at the college you want to attend. They can either answer your questions, or direct you to the person who can. Definately look into the services that are available to you-and don't be embarrased it is so fantastic that you are wanting to continue your education!

Good luck!

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