About transferring to another law school...?

Question:These are still good law schools, and the ones I'm considering, but they don't have a great deal of "prestige":
A. St. Mary's University, San Antonio
B. Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth
C. University of Tulsa (OK)
D. Oklahoma City University
E. John Marshall School of Law, Atlanta
F. University of Louisville (KY)
These are probably going to be the schools I'm limited to, given my GPA and future LSAT score. Again, still good schools, but not top tier, either.

Now, after 1L, assuming I have a good GPA, how easy or feasible would it be to transfer to one of the following schools of law?
A. Baylor University, Waco, TX
B. University of Texas, Austin
C. University of Houston
D. Texas Tech University, Lubbock
E. University of Georgia, Athens
F. Emory University, Atlanta

Current and past law school students, I value your opinions. And, not to be rude, but please don't say "shoot for top tier now," because long story short, it can't happen. Muchas gracias!

I would really reconsider or reevaluate your desire to transfer with this thought in mind: there are two extra-cirricular activities that will practically be requirements for any high-end legal job/clerkship that you search for after law school. Those activities are moot court and journal. Most law schools have their write-on for journal during the spring semester of or summer following the first year of law school. Moot court is generally a competition held in the spring of the first year.

If you transfer after your second year, you potentially lose the opportunity to be on these two (very) valuable activities. There is a small chance that you can gain entry into a journal by entering a long-write on competition during fall of your second year, but by and large, you will miss these opportunities. I suggest staying where you are and being the best in that school.
Why not consider as your transfer school something in New York New York University and Columbia are great "transfer to" law schools.

And closer to you (assuming you are south), Duke Law is also a good choice.

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