A'level grades of EEE 25 years ago, what would they be worth now??

AAA! Heheh!!
U probably.
I don't care what the media says, I study A Levels and they are hard.
Politicians in this class-ridden-country just can't accept that people from lower class backgrounds are working harder to get good grades and into Universities like the other stuck up scum.

People are working harder, getting cleverer, not the exams getting easier.
probably like all the other exams at that time - nothing. I left school with 17 exams and only about 4 are recognised now. if i want to do a study course of any kind i've now got to do an ability test to see i'm able to even though i worked bloody hard for my exams. mine are basically not worth the paper they're written on so yours are probably the same. shame as you worked hard to get them
As a research fellow in a UK university for several years I can attest that the students coming in each year have far poorer levels of knowledge than they used to. Indeed, having come from the Scottish system and doing 'H' grade (a 1 year course) I found that when I went to University as an undergraduate I knew far more, than those amongst my English peer group, from when I did 'O' grades several years before.

Exhibit A "getting more clever"
Unless you feel you can still remember everything you learnt for those exams 25 years ago, or have put it into practise over the intervening years, I doubt they are worth much -in terms of representing your knowledge, at least.

Even if A levels are getting easier, they still require much hard work and many still fail, and I cant see that the system has deteriorated to such an extent that E grades achieved 25 years ago would be worth an A grade today.

One must also take into account changes in the knowledge you have (if it hasn't been added to or maintained in the following years) -and it depends on the subjects in which you have achieved those grades in- but attitudes to subjects can often change in the way they are taught over 25 years. Things like Computer literacy/science may be relevant to certain subjects today, but which you would not have been taught then.

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