A social science major with a creative writing minor?

Question:My Social Science major would have a concentration in Psychology, and I am thinking I might get into teaching down the line.

I'm not sure what I can do with the creative writing minor, but it is something interesting to me. Would it be more beneficial to have an English minor, both for teaching and for other potential career opportunities?

Whenever you major in a social science, you'll almost always have to end up going to Grad schools to get a masters, or law/business degree.

Social Science majors aren't ever really money makers, and if you understand that and are comfortable with that major in anything you want and minor in anything you want.

If you make psychology a major or even English a minor you'll always have to go to grad school if you want a job other than being a receptionist or administrative assistant.

I have a friend who majored in a social science with a psychology minor, and he's planning on attending law school. Social sciences are only good to prepare you to go on and do some more schooling further in the future, not necessarily for the job market.
Get a minor to fall back on, with a concentration in psyche you may need to get a masters. Always good to have a minor, (jack of all trades)

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