3rd year at uni - how did you find it?

Question:Heya, in Sept I'm starting my 3rd and final year at uni doing a BA (I've opted for all taught modules instead of a dissertation). How did you find the 3rd yr compared to other years? I found my 1st year the work was easy and in 2nd year there was alot more research to do and presentations but I had fewer hours of classes. So how did ur final year compare to the rest?

Pretty tough relatively speaking. But as long as you start working early you'll be fine.
I'll let you know in a years time.
My BSc is a lot similar and also opted for taught subjects.
the first semester of my last year was great! the best semester i ever had! my very last semester, however.lol well, i think i let "senioritis" get to me =P. i was so excited to graduate i kinda let things slip a little lol. don't make the same mistake i did >_< .
i know how you feel i am starting 3rd year at uni too

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