2 year school or 4 year?

Question:i got accepted to a 4 yr college but then i figured it would be best if got into a 2 yr college then get a good payin job then go back to school to complete the rest instead of beign inall 4 year school..help me!! wa do i do??

Do the 4 year. It will hurt you at the beginning because you will be broke but once you have your career set out and you are making a lot of money your student loans will be paid off in no time. don't waste your time going to a 2 year school. you would end up spending even more money if you started off at a 2 year school
i say 4. you could never wrong on education.
I suggest since you think it would be better, then go with it.

My idea was that if I went to a 2 year college, it gave me more time, and something productive to do, to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.

If I liked what I could get with the 2 years, I'd be happy and go back later to finish a bachelor's degree for something else or just stay with an associates degree for the rest of my life. Or if I had figured out what I wanted to do by the end of the 2 years, I could apply to the 4 year college and finish my degree, since then I would have all the boring preliminary classes out of my way and could just jump right in to what I wanted to do.
4 years. Don't be lazy. It's better to get school out of the way then to take a shortcut and "say" you'll go back.

If you choose two years and then get a full time job after graduation, you're going to end up getting accustomed to the lifestyle of having income coming in, which will make you realize that you can't live without the income coming in and you'll end up never finishing a 4 year.

4 years isn't so bad. It'll go by so fast, and the people you come in contact with end up being some of the best friends you'll have the rest of your life.

BTW if you look at most jobs online rarely do they post as associates degree as a requirement, it's either high school or bachelors degree.
But then again, it also depends what career field you're getting into. You could be a registered nurse with just 2 years, and it only makes sense to do that instead of having unnecessary schooling.
You should only go to a 2 year college if money is an issue.

I would always opt for the 4 year university!


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