After High School I am considering going to some sort of a community college for two years and....?

Question:I am considering transfering to a nursing school somewhere else after that. Say that I decide to stay at that community college and go to the nursing school there. If that school has an associate nursing degree program how would I get my bachelors degree after receiving my associates if that is what I end up doing?

Choose your community college carefully. Often, 2 year schools will have an agreement with a 4 year school in the area. In regards to nursing, you can often get your employer to pay for your bachelor's degree once you are working for them as a R.N.

When looking at schools, consider the quality of the hospitals in the area since you will be completing your clinical hours at the local hospitals. If you want to do clincial at a major medical center than don't choose a school in the middle of nowhere.

It may take longer this route...but don't rush it. You will have a lot of stresses as an RN...and maturity can only help.
You'd then have to transfer to a 4-year college to do this. If that's the route you take, do some checking ahead of time to make sure that your credits earned from the community college would all be transferrable to your transcript at the four-year school.
I agree with Jolly! This is a smart way to go to school. It is allot cheaper and in the end, you get the same exact degree. A bonus is that if you take your hard classes at the community college, those grades (usually) are not figured in your GPA, only the ones you earn in the 4 year college are. Good luck, that's a career that is always needed and takes a special person to do.

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