ABA approved school for Paralegal vs. B.S. and non ABA school for Paralegal?

Question:I received my B.S. in Business.

I have researched many schools that offer the Paralegal Certificate. Some are ABA approved and most are not.

My question is this: Would you hire a person who has a B.S. degree with a Paralegal Certificate from an on-line school that is not ABA approved?


It depends on the law firm/organization. If you want to work for a reputable law firm (many of the larger, more prestigious firms), then an ABA approved certificate is preferred. If you're interested in a smaller, more boutique firm or possibly a government agency, then a non-ABA approved certificate may pass muster.

Many firms will look at your undergrad degree as a plus (there are paralegals without degrees and many firms prefer their paralegals have an undergrad degree). That and an ABA approved certificate makes you a solid candidate.

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