Anybody been to Pensacola Junior College?

Question:Trying to find out if the Graphic Design program is offered at one campus or all of them. I've tried to email them and they don't respond, and I've read every word on the website and can't find this information.

I went to UWF, but I don't think it's a good sign that they are not returning your emails. Have you tried calling or making a visit to the campus? You should be able to speak witha counselor if you make a visit. And its close to Steak N Shake, so its worth the trip. Lol. I do know that PJC has a lot of good programs for a JC though. Good luck.
I went to PJC some years ago. I suggest calling... (850) 484-1000 or the TOLL FREE # (888) 897-3605. Ask to talk to someone in the visual arts department. My guess would be that most of the classes would be mainly offered at the Main Campus. The electives might be offered at more than one campus, but you'd probably be better off trying to get a decent schedule just sticking to the main campus where the visual arts department is located.

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