Anesthesiologist Question.?

Question:Just wondering if anyone can send me a link on the steps needed to take to become an anesthesiologist, Im currently a freshman, so I have my whole highschool years to plan ahead.

So if anyone could send me a few links with information on what they do, and how to become one, please post them for me. I plan on going to college here in Ohio, my home state :)

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I commend you for planning ahead -- good for you.

If you want to be an anesthesiologist because of the amount of money they make, forget it -- you'll burn out. But if you seriously want to become a doctor -- a specialist -- then this is a good field.

Note that after highschool, to be competitive, you might need a 4-year bachelor's degree. You'll also need 4 years of medical school, and for anesthesiologist, training after med school takes 5 years. So that's a total of 13 years or schooling and training before you can make all the money you want.

In highschool, you basically need to take all the sciences (chemistry, biology, physics), and the highest maths if not all of them.. (calculus, linear algebra).

After highschool, you have to go to university and get 2-4 years of education from them... taking all the prerequisites for medical school.

Most people get a 4-year degree, while taking all the prerequisites. Basically, the prerequisites can all be taken in you're first 2 years of study in university/college.

Also, most medical schools require you to take MCAT -- a test basically. Some people prepare for this test for months. And it's ideal to take the MCAT after you take all the prerequisites for medical school. When everything is still fresh in your mind... or a year and a half before you want to go to medical school.

A good GPA and extracurriculars are an asset... try to get at least a 3.6 GPA in university... sometimes it's hard, depending on the degree you're pursuing, but after you get used to it, it's gonna be easy to maintain that GPA.

Sorry again that I can't provide any websites...
All you need to worry about in high school is paying atention in your science classes and finding a college where you'll be happy.

You don't need to even think about a medical specialty for another decade (when you are in your clinical rotations in medical school)

Learn how to study efficiently, get excellent grades, and enjoy being a kid. Other than that, there isn't much you can do at this point.

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