Acceptance/Rejection letters?

Question:When can I expect to receive my notification letters stating if I have been accepted/rejected, in the UK? This applies to only universities in the UK.

I am an international U.S applicant.

=) Thaaanks.

Check to see if the university lists how long their application processing time is on their website. Other things that can affect their application processing:

* When is their application deadline? If you submitted your application close to the deadline date, there may be an influx of applications so their processing time may be delayed.
* Did you submit all required documentation with your application? If you are missing something on your application, they will contact you.
* Sometimes universities only admit a specific amount of applicants per term, so they may be reviewing the applications to only admit the top candidates and wait-listed candidates. This process may require extra time.

My advice to you, contact the university to ask for the status of your application. I'm sure they will make their decision in a timely manner especially since you are coming from abroad and need to apply for a student visa to attend their university.

Best wishes!

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