Am I taking too many AP classes for junior year?

Question:This year I am taking:
AP Language
BC Calculus
AP Biology
AP World History
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language

I'm feeling pretty scared since none of my friends are taking more than 4...

That depends on you.

How many have you taken in previous years? Were you able to manage the courseloads? If you plan on taking all the tests for those classes, you will need to make an A or B in the class to be properly prepared for the AP, assuming your school is decent in AP preparation. Do you feel those are grades you can achieve? If you don't intend on taking the test for the class and just want to be ready for when you take it in college, you don't need to put in quite as much effort.
Also, if you plan on passing each AP you take, keep in mind that you may end up with 2 tests on the same day. Will you be able to handle this?
Do you plan on participating in any extra-curricular activities? Will you be able to attend club meetings/socials, sports practices and games, and keep up in every class?
If you answered yes to all those questions then you might be okay for this year. If not, consider dropping the one in the course you feel least gifted.

Good luck!
I'm surprised your guidance counsellor would allow you to schedule that many. Unless the AP studies in your school are a joke, you are in for a rough year. I sure hope you're not planning on going out for any sports (or dates, or even thinking of sleeping much)
This is a heavy load for AP classes. You will find that to do the work and really prepare for the tests will be overwhelming. Just like with college, you will either end up being able to do a mediocre job in all of them or a great job in a few and a lousy job in the rest. If you want time to do extracurriculars and get the "well rounded" look for your college applications you may want to cut back a bit. I'd say your friends are wise in deciding to take no more than four.
if you're good in these subjects and can handle the load, no prob. If you're dedicated to the work, you'll be fine, if not ,maybe cut two.
Wow. And you school and guidance counselor thought this was a good idea? Your parents think it's ok? If the answer is yes to these questions, then the people who know you believe that you're capable of handling this workload.

Have you left some AP classes for Sr. year? Your goal would be to get good scores on the AP tests as well as good grades. If you get all 4s and 5s, great -- but if taking so many means that you'll have a 3 that otherwise might have been a 4 or a 5, it won't be worth the schedule. Likewise, if the heavy schedule means that your GPA drops, it's not worth it. You also need to make sure that you have some free time for activities like clubs, volunteering, or a job, to balance your college applicant profile. Don't forget to leave yourself some time to sleep.

If you want to major in one of these subjects, keep in mind that it might be better to take that particular AP class Senior year so that you'll be fresh when you get into college. Most colleges also won't give you credit for AP classes in your major since they want you to take their own classes in that department. These factors might make you reconsider taking one or two of these AP classes as a Junior.

You should also have one or two easier classes. (If you're bilingual, perhaps the AP Spanish class wouldn't be as stressful for you, or perhaps your school has AP teachers with the ability to make classes fun and interesting. Good luck in your Junior year!
Your lucky, our school only offers 2 AP classes for our juniors, but alot of pre ap's. Good luck! I wish i had that schedule.
I don't know why you are taking so many APs. If you screw up, then i guess you won't go far with the colleges. Colleges want to see that you challenge yourself, but do something that you can handle. Hopefully you can handle all of these APs and the AP test!! Don't forget that the test are $85 each and three hours long.
Good luck with that.
Just give it a try if you can't handle all of the classes talk to your guidance counsler and drop some. Focus on the subjects your best at. + you can always get tutoring if you have trouble. Don't go by what your friends are taking, if you have enough ambition to want to take all these classes, then you probably have the will to do well in them.
Well, most everybody already mentioned what I would say. As a result, I'll just add one more thought for you to dwell on: What difference does it make what we say to you? If everybody said it was a heavy load, would you really drop stuff? If everybody said it was an easy schedule, would you really follow along like a sheep?

Please think for yourself and react to your own intuitions. Hopefully that psychology class does you good. I would suggest you take some sociology courses in college. More thinking outside the box, less regurgitating facts and figures from disciplined courses.
that's too much. junior year is hard enough anyway. don't voluntarily make your life hell.
listen to yourself, not others. give the classes a try and drop if u cant handle it. dont worry about other ppl. this involves u and ur grades and ur college future, not ur friends, not even us the ppl answering u. as i said if u can handle it, then ur good.

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