What should I do nearly college and my energy? looking for advocate?

I just transferred to a alien college fall 07 semester, I enjoy failed to clear any friends, and my roommate is really private and seems resembling he doesn't want to get to know anybody much smaller quantity me. I am in a discouraging rut right now. I believe enthusiasm could get better, but I quality its only gonna go and get worse before it get better. I am currently a junior in college and an accounting leading. As far classes go, they are far from superlative, I have a 1-4.0, 1-3.0, 1-2.0, and I am failing one. The lone class I four pointed was my accounting class. I don't want to progress back subsequent semester, but I also don't want to go wager on home because home is even more lame than school. Then in that is the whole piece about recitation my parents that I'm not going back, and they will probably be pissed past its sell-by date at me for a while and my whole line will think I a damp squib. I do not currently have any outstanding loans and I hold paid for college near my own money so far. I would just resembling to take a break and receive my head straight and work

Answers:    Honestly, in recent times be more outgoing. Stay at school and merge a club or organization. There are probably hundreds of them at most university. Also, there are intramural sports. Those are awfully good for making friends as in good health. But the best way is to know someone who is 21 who can buy adjectives the other underage kids beer. This will make you rule the university until you turn 21 at least!
It may be within your best interest to take the summer rotten and just chill out. Defintely help yourself to your 12 credits for the Spring by taking some lighter classes. Balance it out with a couple unforced and a couple hard.

I guess you are burned out. What you should do is try to make more friends and socialize more this Spring and Summer. This summer work and retrieve up some money and dont think give or take a few school at adjectives until its time.

You will get out of your rut. It happen from time to time.
Everyone feels similar to that from at some point in college. (Those who influence they haven't aren't strong enough to accept it.) Your not sure where you are going and why you are going through adjectives this. It feels easier to leave your job it behind because you meditate that will take the stress bad, but you probably will feel differently when you look backbone in a few years. (You'll probably see ancestors around you moving ahead with duration and then you will discern stuck again.. in a rut contained by that current job.) I feel I just go through the motions when I was contained by college, get the point, just finish. I am glad I did, however, I desire I would have found a bridleway more prosperous... believe me money makes duration go easier. Both my sisters go through it too. The older one dropped out...trying to find herself, and finished up five years later returning to acquire the exact same degree she strated out to get hold of... teaching. My younger sister be trying for an athletic training degree, it be grueling for her, she struggled consistently with her grades worrying if she be going to kicked out of the program. Every single day, every single class she dreaded and she also looked-for to quit, but knowing my other sisters story, she plugged on. She is fine now, with satisfaction working in her area, her grades weren't the best but she is not a good student. She is, though, great at what she does very soon and is now outstandingly complimented for it. You don't know what life holds for you, everything you cram, as well as turn through, will teach you something that you will phone call on later within life. It is your awareness base. You don't belive it immediately, but trust me. Do try to make sure you find your eagerness and follow it, and success will find you. In the meantime, it is not so momentous what train you are on, what IS important is that you choose to draw from on and take the ride. My heart go out to you... I hope you find way, I hope this help. You are not alone.

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