3.2 college GPA..?

Question:Will a 3.2 college GPA get me a good job or get into a law or graduate school? I am a business major trying to go to law school after I graduate...would this be too hard with a semi-low gpa? I am going into my Jr. year also, so I have a bit of time to raise it...

As long as you stay above a 3.0 you should be fine. From what I've heard some companies have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0, but after that they could care less if you have a 3.2 or a 3.8, as long as you make a good impression etc. Law schools will probably look a lot at how you performed at your job after college (I think these days you can no longer go straight from undergrad to law school).
Jobs don't look at your grades only your deploma. Law school and graduate school it really depends where, your major is very competative so it might be a little hard, you still have time to raise it i would say to a 3.5 which is a good G.P.A and 3.2 isn't all that bad... its a B+ average. Remember in college 3.0 is a B 2.7 B- 3.2 b+ 3.5 A-

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