Anyone go to Loyola University in Chicgo?

Question:I just wanted to know what you think about it because i was going to apply there.

I'm currenty attending Loyola University Chicago. As for the school itself, it hosts a rigorous curriculm but is a mighty fine institution. Its also ranked as one of the best National Universities in the United States. The professors here are well respected in their fields of study and the alumni have done extremely well with job placement in the city of Chicago. In fact, one of our notable alumni was Bill Rancic, the season 1 winner of the show Apprentice with Donald Trump. Refer to the wiki entry for a complete list of fellow alumni.

Loyola also has it's own Law school and a Medical school, which gives undergrads an excellent opportunity to furthur enhance their education. Academically, it is tough and the admissions committee is quite selective in their procedures. in picking applicants due to the lack of space available.

Its a small school with a student population near 12,000 or so, size wise its in the same league with nearby Northwestern University (if you're familiar with the Chicago area). The student body is as ethnically diverse as the city itself and the 1870 campus rests along the blue waters of Lake Michigan. Its a spectacular view, especially in the summer and spring time. I believe the most spectacular feature on Loyola is their study hall and library which adds to the university's historic appeal. The school is located in the Rogers Park neigborhood, while the likes of other institutions such as DePaul (in Lincoln Park), UC (in Hyde Park) and Northwestern (in Evanston) round out the top four best universities in Chicago. UIC is also a good and cheaper alternative for someone who wants to go public rather than private. Overall Rogers Park is a wonderful and safe neighborhood, and is just minutes from downtown. If you're a business major, most likely you will be taking clases at their downtown Water tower campus which is a spectacular way for one to secure a possible internship with a major company while in school. I had a friend who graduated with a degree in finance, despite working a little more than 40 hrs. a week she is earning a hefty income of 60k a year, not bad for a entry level position.

Transportation is not a problem in Chicago, sure you'll come into contact with a few weirdos here and there either on the bus or train, but Loyola does offer their students their own shuttle service that runs to and from their Lake Shore and Water Tower campus ever hour or so during the academic year.

On the basis of tuition, its mighty expensive, practically with all expenses're looking at a new BMW 5 series (O mileage) each year (39,000) each year if your living on campus and including basically everything. One thing that seems to be con to the Loyola advantage is the fact that you must purchase or have medical insurance each year while at Loyola, which can be expensive when combined with all the other costs and classes do tend to fill up rather quickly.

There are many organizations and activities on campus and off, infact the school is the only in institution in the state of Illinois to hosts an active mosque, church, synangouge, and hindu temple on campus for their students to practice their faiths on campus.

So work hard and good luck.

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